Monday, October 8, 2012

Long Day

Well, this morning, my legs weren't killing me like yesterday, but they were still sore. I made some goals for the rest of the month. My goal date is Nov 4th. My 1st goal is to lose 5lbs. My 2nd goal is to walk 25miles total by Nov 4th. With a goal to walk/jog 25miles in a little less than 4weeks, I will have to workout if I want to achieve that goal. With a small short term goal to work for, might be just what I need to keep myself on track, though we are approaching the holiday months. And lots of triggers and temptations. This will be a challenge. And it has been quite cold, so I can only imagine what the races in Nov through about March. It is gonna be COLD. It was a long day at work. Ended up being over 11hrs. And back at it tomorrow morning. I haven't been doing so well with reading my bible, writing my blog or not drinking Dr. Pepper. Well reading my bible. It hasn't been everyday, but more like every 2-3 days. Writing my blog, I did ok for a couple of days, then kind of forgot about it again.  I'm trying to remember to write everyday. And well no drinking Dr. Pepper, let's not even talk about that.  Ok, we will talk about it. It's more like drinking 1-2/day. So that is a work in progress.

4 miles

Well, on Sat we ended up not walking a 5K or 10K. We decided that when we got their we wanted to do the 5K, but after a long line of just trying to get to a parking spot, we picked up our packs and chips. We missed the start to the 5K. So we started out on the starting line of the 10K. Then came the rain and sleet. Well during the walk, came the thunder. Both my mom and I were like, um no way. We don't do thunder, cause where there is thunder, there might be lighting and we definitely don't do lighting. So we ended up walking a 4mile in about 1hr 22mins. My feet were hurting afterwards, quite a bit actually. When I took my shoes off, my feet were all wrinkly, so they must have gotten a bit wet from the rain. After a couple of hours, my feet weren't hurting anymore and my legs felt fine, so I thought I was doing great. However on Sunday, holy cow. My legs were sore! All day! I could barely walk. Man, I need to start working out everyday. I went on a cooking binge on Sunday. Jello, pumpkin, muffins, cookies. I was in a cooking mood. Our next race is at the end of the month, only a 5K.

Friday, October 5, 2012

5K or 10K?

Ok, so now I am a bit annoyed. I wrote out this whole blog and then, with the click of one wrong button, the whole thing was gone.

So tomorrow is the Zoo run. My mom and I signed up for a 10K, but now we are both not so sure. The 5K starts at 8:30 and the 10K starts at 9. It is suppose to be 44 degrees during the run with only a 10-20% chance of rain. And since the last(&1st) 5K I walked, I hadn't trained for or even exercised before I ended up being sore for like the next 3 days. I'm ok if we decide to only do the 5K. The zoo is anything but flat, so we will definitely get a workout tomorrow. It is gonna be freezing compared to our last walk. It was in the 80s during the Susan G. Komen walk, so a walk in the 40s will definitely be different. But since we want to do a race every month, they will only get colder. We will decide in the morning which race we are going to do.

On another note our youngest is still sick, no fever but coughing a lot still. So she is still sleeping in our room. Which means that the oldest is sleeping in our room as well. She does not like to sleep in their room by herself. My poor baby. She handles being sick about the same as anyone else. So you can imagine. She is extremely tired and cranky. Fussing all of the time. She is sleeping better, but just cranky all of the time. Anyone with kids understands what we are going through right now. My poor baby :(

This is my baby-Scarlett
#1 is when she is feeling good                                   #2 is about how is feels now

This is my oldest baby-Elizabeth

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Well our youngest (34months) had a fever of 102 on Sunday night into Monday. So her and I stayed home yesterday.  It was quite a bit of fighting and trying to get her to take some medicine.  According to her, "She's not sick", so you can imagine how well that went over.  Her fever went back down to normal yesterday evening. Well she is still coughing horribly, but refuses to take medicine, without a fight. She has been sleeping pretty good on normal nights, but since she was sick. The last two nights she hasn't slept so well. Last night she woke up about every 30mins, so I am exhausted. So with that being said, I barely made it through work, and ended up drinking a Dr. Pepper.  Also gave myself a headache. The plan tonight is to go to sleep extra early. Only 4 days left until my first 10K. Did I mention that it is in the zoo & the zoo is anything but flat. It should be quite interesting.

Monday, October 1, 2012

October Goals

Here are my October goals

Cut out Dr. Pepper(well I drank 2 today, so starting tomorrow)
Exercise in some form every day.
Read my bible everyday
Start walking everyday
Start training again
Lose 5lbs
Walk 20miles (including races)
Blog everyday

I LOVE Dr. Pepper, but it costs me too much $ and I tend to not drink water when I drink Dr. Pepper. Plus I get headaches when I drink it and when I have drank it in a while. So i am thinking that I need to give it up (again)

I'm back

Well it has been like 4 months since I have blogged. I can't believe it has been that long. It didn't seem like it, but once you say it out loud, yikes. Well, I'm back. I walked my 1st 5K in Sept. The Susan G. Komen. Walked it with my mom in 1hr 7mins. My goal was to finish in around 1hr. So only 7 mins over is not so bad and considering that there was congestion at the beginning and end, it might have been closer to 1hr. Well I didn't train at all. And the 5K was doable, but my legs were KILLING me for like the next 3-4 days. But hey at least I finished. Yay! My plan was to start working out everyday after that, but it has been a couple of weeks, and yep you guessed it, haven't worked out at all. My mom and I are gonna start walking about 1 race a month. Oct we have two scheduled. On Sat is my 1st 10K. A Zoo run. And a 10K, yep you heard right. No that may end up to be a total disaster. But my goal is to walk this week, so that a 10K will not be a total shock and make my legs shut down for the whole next week.