Friday, March 30, 2012


It was suppose to be a nice easy day at work, but instead it ended up being a very LONG day at work. I didn't leave til 5.  I haven't had a day like that in a long time.  I have to work this weekend, hopefully it won't be as bad as today.  I'm feeling good today though.  We had a tee-ball game, Elizabeth is really starting to enjoy playing, though she does a great job of distracting her self. We will work on that. We went out to eat for dinner.  I didn't get a Dr. Pepper like I usually would have order, though Jeff got one on accident.  I definitely over ate though.  I was hungry, but by the time we got done, man I was stuffed.  I am exhausted tonight, surprise, surprise. :) I find it strange that I actually enjoy working out with a trainer.  I have 1, possibly 2 sessions this week.  I'll have to see what my schedule is like.  We are trying to decided on when to leave for PA and buy the tickets.  I just wish tickets didn't cost so much money.  It's actually quite annoying having to spend the money.  I don't want to spend any money, wish some things were free.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Streak Ended

I'll start this by saying first.  I love my husband, he is amazing. He called me up today and wanted to know if I wanted to have lunch with him, since our works are so close.  I said sure.  He wanted Pizza Hut.  I'm not a huge fan, but I love him, so I agreed.  Well jeff brought me a Dr. Pepper.  He said that he would over look today(He made me a deal.  Every 7 days with no Dr. Pepper and he'll give me $10). Well today was day 7. I joked that he just didn't want to pay me.  But it is actually good that he got me a Dr. Pepper.  I had been really craving one for the last couple of day.  But today, I had no intentions of drinking one, but yet still wanted one.  Well, after drinking.  It is ok, but I don't really crave it.  I had to go to the store, unexpected today to get something for Jeff, and probably would have had to fight myself about not getting a soda, but I'm not craving it anymore.  So I'm happy with that.  Went to the gym again today.  Trained for almost 30 mins and then did 30 mins of interval training.  Cooking salmon for dinner.  I'm starving, but can't wait for it to be done. Salmon and asparagus.  Yum!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Long day

Well today was my day off.  I love those days.  Though they never seem like a day off, as I always keep myself busy. This morning I had another day with my trainer.  I thought I was suppose to be there at 9AM so I showed up at 8:50 and started on the treadmill.  Did 10 mins of intervals & wondered where my trainer was.  So I checked my calendar again & I wasn't scheduled til 9:30. So I went upstairs and did some more intervals.  30 mins before my 1hr training with Zan.  I'm fighting the start of a head cold thing, but did ok.  By the end of the hr & was sweating & majorly tired, but felt good. I didn't have a lunch planned & that is a downfall.  I need to prepare for that next time. I am training again tomorrow.  I was apparently bored today cause it seemed like I just kept eating. Hopefully I am not sore tomorrow, but I didn't think that I would be last time and the next day my legs were killing me. Hopefully I will be feeling good tomorrow and can do another hr workout.  I am running out of time. Only 3 months left.  93 days to be exact. So I really have to kick my butt in gear. I only have 93 days left. I am excited to go back up to PA. I've got a lot to do today. But I am on day 6 of no Dr. Pepper!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sickness & No Soda

Well yesterday I started getting sick. Right now I am only a little stuffy & have a sore throat.  I hope that this is all it will be.  I finally have stop drinking Dr. Pepper.  It is really the only soda I drink, but when I drink it, I drink too much and no enough water. I have not had a Dr. Pepper in 5 days. I think this is the longest in a long time. I had to go to the store to get some milk & I wanted a Dr. Pepper, but I didn't want to break my streak, so I didn't get one. That is a big step for me. I am kind of surprised at myself. But I think I can keep doing it. On the bright side. We went to the zoo on Sunday and walked around in the 80 degree weather for 3 hrs. I burned over 800 calories. Yikes!  Holy crap. I was amazed.  I can't believe I burned that much. I still have a long way to go, one day at a time.

Stupid Internet

Well, after all of our rain storms the Internet was on the blinker.  It wasn't really down, but it wasn't working either. We went to the zoo for 3 hrs on Sunday.  It was a long day, in which I didn't drink enough water.  I had a major headache.  Took some Tylenol and drank about 6 cups of water for dinner and I was feeling much better. I'm feeling good, with walking at work.  It seems to be getting easier, which is definitely a good thing.  I have training tomorrow.  I am actually looking forward to it, strange I know, but it is weird I am starting to like working out a little more.  Not wanted to do it all of the time, but disliking it less than I use to. I have a big goal and the deadline is the end of June. Which I just figured out this morning is only 3 months away.  I have a ton of work to do.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Goals & the why

I finally figured out all of my goals & the reasons why.  It was a lot harder than I thought it would be to write down all of my goals.

Lose weight- Goal weight 135-150lbs
Want to be able to run around with my kids
Want to have another baby and actually look like I am pregnant
Want to finish a 5K
Want to run a 5K
Run 1/2 marathon
RUN A marathon
complete a triathlon
Feel good about my body
Fit into a bathing suit
Fit back into my old clothes
Do a pull-up
Be able to buckle an airplane seat belt
Be able to ride a roller coaster

For myself
for my family- I don't want my girls to end up like me
To feel less tired all of the time
To feel good about myself & like the way I look again.
For our 10 yr anniversary we are going to the beach & I want to feel my best.
I don't wan to sit on the sidelines of my own life.
I HATE running but really have the desire to start running.
I don't want to die young
To lessen my chances of getting cancer & heart disease
Don't want to get winded by a short walk up stairs
Don;t want to develop diabetes
Want to be able to fit into a roller coaster ride, comfortably

Friday, March 23, 2012

Majorly sore

Yesterday was my first work out with my new trainer. I didn't think it was that rough, but today, man I was really sore.  I still wanted to go to the gym to get some time in. I was gonna do the intervals I did last week, but my legs hurt to bad, so I still did intervals, but at a slow pace. Much slower than I usually do.  But I still got in around 35 minutes or so.  I did some stretching afterwards & I'm still sore, but feeling good. tomorrow will either be another day at the gym or our first trip to the zoo. I know the girls would love it, but it all depends on the weather. M-Th it rained. Today was pretty nice, so hopefully it will be really nice outside tomorrow, like it is suppose to be. Tonight I made turkey meatloaf.  First time we ever had turkey meatloaf, but we have been using turkey in things more than beef lately.  I actually think that turkey meatloaf tastes better than regular. It was quite good.  Tomorrow, mini lasagnas.  I am excited about that, should be interesting.  I've learned today that I can NOT have sweets in the house. I bought a gallon of choc ice cream for the girls yesterday & it is half gone & they only had a scoop each. I have eaten way to much. So no more for this house, at least for a while. No Dr. Pepper on the other hand. I haven't been success this week, but today no soda. I'm still working on my goals. It is a lot harder than I thought to write down EVERYTHING.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


UGH! I wrote out everything, and then one wrong button & it's all gone. So trial #2. I had my first session with my new trainer at the gym. My old trainer Lisa, I had been working with her for the last 6 months, but she got a new job. So today I met with Zan for the first time. I was dreading this day since last week, a new trainer & she wanted to bump me up to 1hr(I had only been doing 1/2 hr).  I was freaking out, but Zan is super nice & she didn't completely kick my butt. I was feeling super tired but she just wanted to see what I could do. I imagine as time goes, I will get my butt kicked. Or hopefully it will get easier as I start working out more and eating healthier. Zan gave me a little notebook & wants me to write down all of my goals/results that I want. And the reasons why & want to accomplish these things. I have written down goals before, a couple at a time, but I have never sat down and thought about all of the things I want and why I want all of these things & why I want to change. I showed Zan a pic of me 10 years ago(right after high school). I actually love showing people, cause no one looks at me and believes that I looked like that. I am excited about training now. I told Zan about our trip that we are planning and the deadline taht I have.  She was excited about having a deadline & told me that she never loses. I am feeling great & can't wait. The girls are being quite right now. they have discovered the flinstones & the jetsons & they love them. :) I have tons to do & really need to start focusing. I will share my goals & reasons why as soon as I figure them all out.
It's a bit blurry, but this was 10 years ago. I fit into juniors size 13.  Amazing. Someday... someday

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Meal Planning

Well tonight I am finally getting around to making my meal plans for this weekend. Its raining again( or should I say still). My kids are acting like themselves tonight. Crazy & the 2 year old is pick on & beating up the 5 year old. The house is being lit up with lightening & major thunder going on. I didn't get lunch today at work, which is not unusual, depending on what kind of day it is. Tomorrow I'm working out for 1hr with my trainer. Yikes. I may not survive. & then the eye Dr. I would really love to keep writing, but at this point in the storm, I'm kind of thinking getting struck by lightening, is not going to be fun & it is awful close.  So until tomorrow. Have a great night!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Planning for a trip

It was an easy day at work. I wasn't working the floor and got to leave on time for once, but I'm just so exhausted. Our internet is back & my plan for tonight is to make a meal plan for the rest of the week. I have a 4 day weekend, which is the longest & I managed to clean part of the kitchen yesterday & cleaned off the table, which the whole family hadn't been able to sit at for quite a while. We even had a family dinner. The dinner was full of our girls making knock-knock jokes. They think that they are the funniest people on the planet. They keep us laughing & themselves. It's been raining all day again today. I think it is suppose to stop this weekend(one can hope). I am planning on redoing the whole kitchen this weekend. Cleaning out the cupboards & throwing away old food. I'm gonna try out some new recipes this weekend too. So my husband and I are planning on taking the girls to his parents house for a week this summer. His whole family lives in PA.  We flew with our oldest when she was 12 months. It will be our first time with both girls and Elizabeth(our oldest-who is 5) is super excited. She can't wait. In fact she keeps telling us that she wants a Dora suitcase to take with her. It should be interesting, but fun I think. The last time I flew, was last summer when I came down to OK to find a job & a place for us to live. I couldn't really fit into the seat(couldn't buckle the seat belt at all). & I had my first and only anxiety attack. I'm not sure why,but it seems that every time I fly I seem to freak out more. This last time, I was horrible. I was actually crying while waiting for one of my flights. Hopefully this time will be better with the whole family, but just in case I will be talking to the Dr. & telling them what happened last time. If I need to take an Ativan just to stay calm during my flight, I gladly will. We are still looking at flights & trying to figure out what we will do while we are there but the girls are excited & can't wait. In fact while I was writing this, they both reminded me that they want Dora suitcases. I love those girls!

Crazy Weather

Last night the weather was crazy. Our internet went down & ugh just a interesting night. It was raining all day.  Basically it either lightly rained or down poured all day. But the girls and I ventured out in the rain to the gym. I did 45 mins on the treadmill doing intervals. 45 mins that is the longest I have done in a LONG time.  I was tired, but felt good. I have a bodybugg, which I use to wear all of the time, but now I wear it once in a while. Basically I just forget to put it on, but I really should wear it all the time to get the most accurate calories burned.  But anyways, doing intervals for 45 mins burned me over 500 calories. I was really excited about that. I love my days off!  I took 2 extra days off this week, since it is my oldest daughter's spring break. I get a 4 day weekend!! :) I have BIG plans. Yep, let's see. Making a meal plan, which I will try to accomplish tonight. And doing laundry, cleaning the house and sorting through toys. Our girls are extremely blessed & we need to get rid of some of their stuff. I just can't help myself. I love shopping for them & when I see a toy I would love to play with I get it for them or new cute clothes. Thus why I need to go back to school & get my RN. I am currently and LPN. I am planning on going back to school in the fall.  That will make things interesting, but it needs to be done.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

One Change at a Time

Changing my lifestyle will require one same change at a time. I have often tried to cut out soda. Mainly Dr. Pepper. I don't drink any soda other than Dr. Pepper, but I seem to be on a kick lately of drinking 1 or 2 bottles a day, and no water, or hardly any water. I have said many times before that I am going to cut it out and stop drinking soda. But usually by day 1 or 2 I have started drinking it again. Someone told me, not to cut it out completely but have it once in a while. I have come to the conclusion, that I am not one that can just drink it once in a while. I really need to cut it out completely. Tomorrow morning will be my 1st day. My goal is to completely cut out Dr. Pepper . At this point I am just not capable of keeping my soda drinking under control & still drinking enough water. I use Sparkpeople and livestrong to keep track of my weight and my calories. I am going to make Sundays my weigh in day.  This week will be a strange week, because I will only be working two days, but I have enough to do around the house to keep me busy. I need to re haul the entire kitchen. I also need to make a meal plan for the family, since I am going to start cooking for dinner, instead of eating out. We are not going to eat out for the rest of the month, and all of April too. As a family we use to eat out a lot. If we didn't feel like cooking or we were in a hurry with our schedules we would just go out to eat or pick up some take out. But no more eating out. part of our plan to get healthy. Mcd's is not exactly healthy & our girls LOVE their nuggets. Best to change that horrible habit when they are 5 & 2. Wish me luck on no more Dr. Pepper!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Intro & goals

My journey into the blog world! I have blogged on Sparkpeople. Which is a weight lose site that I use & love!  I love following a fellow sparker's blog, "Runs for Cookies". She is an inspiration!  I decided to start my own blog, after much debate. This blog will be my journey to get healthy and change my lifestyle along with my family's. I have two beautiful girls and I want them to grow up with a healthy lifestyle in place and hopefully not have the issues I am having now. I love food & need to have a healthier relationship with it. This is my journey to lose weight, get in shape & someday maintain. My goals are to lose over 100lbs, be able to run. Just run. I don't like to run, actually I hate it, but for some reason I really want to become a runner & run in 5ks & marathons.  This is my journey to a new life. I hope that I can someday be an inspiration to others. If I can do it, you can do it too.