Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year,
Well, my starting of a blog post last year didn't go so well. I was really really bad about writing everyday, or even every month. I was in the place of saying that, I will start this diet tomorrow. And tomorrow I will give up Dr. Pepper. But then, my favorite blogger- Runs for Cookies. Reminded me that you should make a change you aren't willing to do forever. Don't give up something you aren't willing to give up forever. Well, I love my Dr. Pepper. So I am not sure honestly that I could really give it up forever. But I have decided that I could have maybe 1 a day, with dinner, or for just a special treat. I had been drinking one in the morning, and then again one at night. But not really drinking anything in between. so today I had water in the morning and drank it all day. By the time I was done working my 8hrs, I had drank about 9 cups of water. So that will definitely work for me, and if I stop wasting my money on buying Dr. Pepper, then I will be able to stop drinking it so much. I need to find quick, little- on the go meals that I can eat at work and on Wednesdays when I take the girls to AWANA. I am gonna start working out again. Sometime after we went on vacation, I just stopped going to the gym and stopped working out completely. I have no idea why. So, I am definitely going back to the gym. I felt so much better when I was working out, even though I don't like to do, I feel so much better after I have done it. I have made some goals for 2013.

Goals for 2013
Run more races at least 5-5K and 1-15K
Lose weight- at least 30lbs
Run a whole 5K
Start a savings
Pay off debt- at least 3 credit cards
Drink more water- at least 8 cups a day
Have a baby(or at least get pregnant)
Read my bible everyday(& get through the entire bible this year)
Blog more-try to blog everyday

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